Saturday, December 10, 2011

Decking the halls

Shane gave me such a great compliment once. That he could walk into the kitchen of total chaos ten minutes before guests would arrive, then turn his back and it was magically transformed and ready for company. He said it always surprised him I could pull it together so fast.

Until this year. Big fail at Thankgiving. Family showing up 40 minutes ahead of schedule, me still in pajamas, the kitchen all chaos and I hadn't even started the mashed potatoes. Not my best moment. Or the ones that followed.

With Erin's birthday party tomorrow, I got a head start on it yesterday. We've always done a casual playdate party, but this year, I thought I'd spruce it up for her. I even decorated.

Whether or not I can pull it off and be out of pajamas before her friends arrive remains to be seen. But I'm hopeful.


6intow said...

It all looks absolutely beautiful!

Courtney said...

Thank you, Erin! I got a lot of fun ideas off Pinterest. Have you joined it yet?

Jodie said...

Are you related to Martha??

Courtney said...

No, but I do buy her products (the goody bags). Unless you meant the grumpy, uptight Martha in the Bible ... Then maybe yes if this past Thanksgiving was an indication.