Sunday, December 4, 2011


The whole house has been under infection of some sort. I think I started the ball rolling with the fever/sinus infection combo, followed by Erin with skyrocketing fever. Then Shane to cough and losing his voice. Lanie boasted immunity and then fell victim to fever and cough. Erin's been the longest though, with a cough that won't let go and taunts her at night. For the past three nights, we've let her sleep in our bed.

Coughing fit tonight called me to comfort her as she fell asleep. I lied next to her and held her close, savoring these last days of four. She turns to face me.

"You're my Christmas present," she said. That love. I know it. How she tries to explain it so I'll understand.

"While you were out today, I found a rock," she told me. This important news before she fell asleep. "It looked like gold!" We smiled.

Four years old, my rock hunter, still. Excitement of golden rocks. And joy at love like an anticipated gift on Christmas morning.

I write this down so I won't forget.

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