Thursday, December 29, 2011

A little like slow motion

Like running for the long jump. Feet pounding, thump, thump, thump. And then the spring: legs stretching, arms reaching, face grimaced. That's what 2011 felt like to me. Parts of it. Viewed in hindsight, slow motion. And the cry out, kind of a growl, like tearing off a band-aid stuck on too tight. Ly. Tightly. Waiting for my feet to touch ground ...

... thinking of the chance meeting with a woman at church a couple of weeks ago. She told me things. My response to her like it was meant for my ears ... only God knows your heart. Thoughts lately of that ... quiets me.

... the ending of a year that started in one house and finishes in another. I'm sitting in our school room tap-tap-tapping on a keyboard looking around me. Hearing the hum of the heater. Woolly socks on my feet. Christmas wreaths still on doorways. I am frequently amazed we're here. Frequently amazed. We are here.

... thoughts on a word of the year. Reviewing posts of 2011, a playlist sounds. Worship. What a year. What a year.

... prepping a reading plan for 2012; a new team of writers and some returning. I'm on Thursdays starting next week. Entering a fourth year. And, for me, a new focus point:


I sat and colored with the kids yesterday. And Denise. All of us doing our own thing. In big, bold, block letters I spelled out J O Y in red on orange paper so it filled the page. Outlined it several times. I looked up and noticed Denise and Lanie also writing out J O Y like a banner across their pages.

"I like that word," Denise said.

"Once you start to focus on it, you'll see it everywhere," I told her. Which we did throughout our errands that afternoon. (I made sure to point it out.) We shared smiles. And I felt grateful to count her as a friend.

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