Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry indeed

When I was little, we'd stay in our rooms until we heard music playing on Christmas morning. Then we'd come down to open presents and have breakfast, usually cinnamon rolls. In our other house, I couldn't carry on that tradition because of the open floor plan. One step out of a bedroom gave full view to the family room below. But this house is different. And each room has a speaker.

Lanie and Erin were eagerly standing at our bedside Christmas morning with merry wishes on their lips and big smiles. "Go turn on the music!" Lanie said. So I went downstairs and plugged in the lights on the tree, turned on the coffee, preheated the oven and turned on the music. Our first Christmas here. And while Thanksgiving wasn't the warm-fuzzy experience I'd hoped it would be, Christmas was.

The coffee was good. The cinnamon rolls were hot. A sausage and egg breakfast bake followed with fresh berries. Lanie called it pajama day. And I said to Shane, "Part of me feels like having a fire in the fireplace."

"Which part of you would that be?" he joked.

"The cold part," I said.

Erin dressed up for church

Christmas Eve at bedtime

The after hours

Christmas blur

Bed heads


"My house is warm, my friendship is free." Thank you, Anita, for making my walls and my life so beautiful.

Cinnamon rolls

Window clings

Mini mugs for hot chocolate

Cookies gifted and gratefully received
 Thinking of loved ones lost ... or left ... or far away ... and missing them.

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