Monday, December 5, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (2562-2570)

  • writers at 66 Books who've contributed through years
  • new writers up for the possibility of 2012
  • a new reading plan selected for next year, if it's a go
  • the change in me since I've been a part of it
  • the difference here makes, I can't say it enough. 
  • opportunities to connect with others
  • new friendships made
  • seeing family friends so frequently because we're "just around the corner"
  • how she joins us on Fridays for dinner, and we are closer for it

Make no mistake--when I count these gifts and give thanks, it's only to God. Because while I'm thankful for the Big Gifts (salvation, forgiveness, hope), I am thankful for the endless little gifts. Abundant life ... I wonder if it's in the awareness of and abiding in his presence--that I can be thankful for coffee deliveries before a holiday weekend, for kids who embrace and love me, for picture-window sunset views to replace the sunrises, a captain's bell under vine, the company of friends around a table, the silky sweetness of chocolate. It's no generic thing--my thanks is intended for a father who gives good gifts. I'm eternally grateful.

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