Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An extra day

Of all the things I could have done with an extra day, this is what I did instead:

drink coffee, talk to Christy on the phone ... twice, bathe kids, issue meds to Erin who is on day two of fever--and Lanie, whose mouth is sore from brackets on her front teeth, fix meals, fix popcorn ... twice, school with Lanie, text Lisa, send out e-mail thank you's, chat with an old high school friend about livin' and learnin', watch it rain, postpone a grocery run, cuddle a sick five year old, eat leftover potato soup (yumyumyummyyummyum!), do mazes, talk to Shane ... twice, and give thanks for dinner in the freezer (yay double batches of chicken penne pasta!).

Perhaps on the next leap day I will have a better plan. But honestly, being housebound with the people, watching it rain, doing stuff together was just what we needed.

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