Monday, February 20, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (2656-2682)

snow outlining branches in the woods
a bright red cardinal tucked among a bushy outcrop
chocolate heart cookies delivered
the teenage boy's smile he tried to hide when I handed him a Valentine
cards making their destinations in time

thoughts on times "between the rains"
a Valentine card for Erin's mommy--that's me!
joy in giving
remembering Gabriel and Claudia out loud
a thank you on my wall

a kind word
an old cat
love notes by email
heart trails down the steps
eager hands to give cards

thanks in a mailbox: brick and voice
singing harmony to Lanie's melody
multi-colored fingernails
a rake
and a spade

a mild enough day to weed
Friday night prayer drive
the swell in church--beginning to know others, their hugs and friendship 
the quiet and still for His ears only
the smell of onion grass

a tree for her to climb by herself
a day he didn't hate


Karen said...

I love reading your gratitude list. In my mind, I make up stories about the mysteriously worded items on the list!

Courtney said...


I hope they have happy endings!