Monday, February 27, 2012


to restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding)
 to restore to life, vigor, or activity.

We've done some light renovations around here--ok, painting. Certainly not light, was the removal of the jungle underbrush. This weekend, we reviewed plans to reconfigure the front garden. Armed with gloves and shovel, I went out in winter weather, winds whipping, to dig up plants we wouldn't be keeping and to prep for tilling. March is coming fast.

The combination of a stuffy head and snow flurries changed my mind. Shane looked at me as I came back in. He stood in the school room, his least favorite room of the house. Ever since we saw this place, he has been determined to change it.

"Let's do the school room," I said.


"Yep," I said and started taking books off shelves. Because I know how days turn to weeks and months. March is coming fast, and the growing season poised at its heels. I went and got my goggles and dust mask kit. Shane laughed. And I felt so thankful.

We emptied the room, began taking down beams and walls and ceiling. It felt so good, the crowbar, the hammers, the ripping and pulling, the teamwork and camaraderie. We hauled out debris, shoveled and swept. We laughed about hard hats and garden designs and nicknames and many other things.

The room is gutted.

And he is my best friend.

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