Saturday, March 24, 2012


Erin climbs into the middle of the bed this morning. Snuggles in close. I wake later than usual alongside her, letting the morning tick away. Thinking of a Friday night bonfire in the backyard. Thinking of roasted marshmallows and frog serenades and barefeet and peach wine. Thinking of friends over and family. Listening to rain outside the window. Even thunder.
Erin wakes. I pick her up to head to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee.

"You grew last night," I say. I'm not kidding. She feels another year older in my arms. "You're longer. You feel bigger. You're all five wearing a six and you feel like a six in my arms."

I step on creaky steps one at a time, slow and awkward.

"You feel like you're one hundred," she says.

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