Sunday, March 18, 2012

Extreme gardening

We hauled a truck load of rocks home this morning. Placed them around the garden to border it. Big rocks. Good work. Shane went into the house to finish working on the school room, putting recessed lights in. I put on the long gloves and grabbed all my tools to start working the ground. I have a row of bushes to plant along the driveway. Digging plants up, turning the soil, removing weed barrier where new plants will go later this week, replanting five azalea bushes along a woodland border. Worked hours and hours.

Shane mentioned how he remembers doing jobs around the other house and how he used to think that was work! This place, it's changing us.

"I used to have an 8 x 8 garden bed--I pulled maybe five weeds a summer. Now I'm deep in extreme gardening," I laughed.

I cannot wait to get under covers and let my head hit the pillow tonight. Shane told me to take it easy this week since we're putting up the ceiling next weekend. Still, hit by this great weather, I want to be outside getting things in order so we can enjoy it this summer.

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