Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First day of spring

When I was eight years old, my mom took me to get my ears pierced. I told Lanie about it as she grew year to year, but when she was eight she didn't want to get them pierced. Exposure to friends and their fabulous earring collections started to work on her, and she announced last fall that she was interested. I told her we'd get them done in the spring. We even set the first day of spring as our date. That's today.

When Erin heard Lanie's excitement as weeks turned to just days away, she wanted her ears pierced too. We went off to the mall today with a friend and Erin climbed first into the big chair at Claire's. She picked out a rainbow-colored flower. Lanie selected a purplish-blue flower. (I expected she'd want the peace signs, but no.)

Erin was sad she forgot her beloved Noonoo at home, so asked if I would be her Noonoo and I said yes and held her hand. Disinfecting, marking ears, explanations and loading the piercing device. I held her hand and as the store manager prepared to pull the trigger I held my breath and smiled. Erin howled. Big teardrops fell on my hands and I was sad for her. She didn't want the other one done. Christy pulled out M&Ms, and the store manager offered a lollipop. It was a rough few minutes, but she got the other side done.

At Lanie's turn, she climbed into the big chair. Disinfecting, marking ears, explanations, etc. I held her hand. She sat quietly and waited.

Christy said, "By the time I get to three it will be all over. One ..."



I looked at Lanie, trying to read her expression. Not a word. Not a clue. She sat and waited for the other ear to be done. The party explodes in her imagination. I knew I would hear all about it after she thought it through.

Afterwards, I hugged her and whispered into her ear you were a brave girl! Little brave moments that prepare us for life's call to big brave moments.

"Lanie, you look so beautiful!" from Erin. We had a mall lunch, and a special stop by Dairy Queen for mini blizzards. Erin stood next to me in line and said of ear piercing, "I would never do that to my kids!"

But at home, both admiring their jewel-tipped ears and talking about the kinds of earrings they'd like in the future. Each excited to show friends. Amazed at the now lack of pain.

Lanie sitting across from me at the table working on spelling and touching her ear, eyes all glowy and a big smile on her face, "I always wanted earrings." And then the happy chatter of her experience.

This little milestone done, justlikethat.

It goes so fast.

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