Monday, March 5, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (2693-2726)

Erin calling out, "We're home!" as we pull onto our street
Lanie singing along with the radio
an extra day

popsicles for fevers
cough drops
a new piano book
how her fingers fly
dust mops

insulation in the walls
laundry to fold
a nighttime grocery run with Lanie
chili powder
hot water

bright-feathered birds on nearby branches
birdsong in the air
a purple blossom
big buds on the rhododendrons
laughing with Shane

sore muscles
an extra shovel, since I broke one
an apple tree to climb
a neighbor dog named Ziggy
a pole saw

Bob (and his garden assistance and tips!)
drywall stacked to hang
friends to pick up Lanie
an impromptu dinner
a big pot chicken tortilla soup

sweet wine
easy conversation
girls at play
how I missed them when they left
for walls up

and walls coming down

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