Monday, March 12, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (2727-2753)

for a boyish smile and eager help cutting branches from the cherry tree (Joel)
blueberry bushes along the fence line
warmer temperatures
endurance in the garden

breakfast with a bestie and her daughter
a lovely note in my inbox and delicious smells of friendship
kids' laughter
working side by side with Shane
a hug from Theresa

bike streamers sparkling in sunlight
Erin dancing on rocks in the garden
azaleas to relocate
a new path to mark
this house in spring (so many garden surprises to witness for the first time)

a compliment from Linda, a salve for this heart
words in a song, redeemed and free--hit home in a new way after a Thursday post on 66 Books
a chat with an old neighbor
hugs from another former neighbor
a new book to read

Toccatina on the piano, her song for the spring recital
chicken salad sandwiches delivered by a friend
honesty in quiet morning
a good shovel
cupcakes with sprinkles

being outside the box
turning sorrow to joy

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