Thursday, March 1, 2012


When Shane first got me a smartphone a while ago, I set the ringtone to something tinkling and pretty. I kept missing the calls because I hadn't discerned the ring from other noises throughout the day. This became problematic when mine was the first number to call to announce a house showing. So I changed the ringtone from "jazz" to "alarm". And it is alarming. Even after we moved, I was conditioned to it and left it as is.

All of us at the dinner table last night. My cell phone rang.

"House showing!" Shane announced.

Seems like that was a lifetime ago.

It was, and it wasn't.


Karen said...

I have a different ringtone for all my frequent callers...and the alarm tone is our accountant. If he calls, I am in trouble!

Courtney said...

Love it!