Saturday, April 28, 2012

Be my sister

In sales, they talk about mirroring someone to gain rapport ... mimicking body language or speech to put a client at ease. I think people who spend time together, or admire someone, also copy gestures and sayings. I noticed it in action the other night in a woman across the table from me. Celebrating a loved one's birthday, I sat across from her friend and was instantly aware of mannerisms they shared, the tilt of the head, the facial expressions, even the pronunciation of words.

"I can tell you two are very close," I said. "Like sisters."

"When her sister died last year, I told her, 'I'll be whatever you need'," her friend said. "And she said to me, 'Be my sister.'"

The depth and beauty of this heart-felt request of one who had experienced tremendous losses in one year went straight to my heart. I relayed the story to a friend across my kitchen table yesterday. Tears in my own eyes over fractured relationships, the quest for closeness, love's reach out to stillness.

My friend told me how God has perfect timing to fill the holes in our lives. When family isn't present, he gives us friends. Friends like sisters. 

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