Monday, April 16, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (2849-2875)

training wheels off
a daddy's steady hand behind her

heart-shaped flower blossoms in the garden for us to find
a reading bench for two
Aesop's fables
a chocolate bar to share
my garden helper, Erin

peanut butter cupcakes
pizza slices
a night out after church
visits with friends this week

double play dates on Sunday
encouragement for new endeavors
doggie fever (oh, coonhounds!)
a late-night visit at David and Anita's

how gentle and present she is with the girls
his years and insight
that he calls me daughter
a gifted bowl, for grace

two bottles of Vouvray (one to give away, one to keep)
salted caramel chocolates
a new Bible study, Angela Thomas Brave
her insight on thorns
new joy for old trials

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