Monday, April 23, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (2876-2900)

a field of buttercups
and Erin, small, sitting surrounded and plucking
meeting a new neighbor
tractor rides
the smell of freshly cut grass

a garden to prep
new herbs planted, gifted by Linda: bay leaf, thyme and oregano
friends in a Bible study
encouragement by email
navel oranges

juicy, ripe cantaloupe
chocolate chip, white chip cookies in the freezer
my kids' delight over a favorite
buttercups in a cup of water on the table
a woodpecker in the front yard

wind chimes
a new opportunity to serve at church
sore shoulders and back from yard work
clean laundry

good hugs
jump rope games with the girls and Linda
play with new friends
her mama love songs recorded and saved
her little hand waving from the garden

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