Monday, June 18, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (3034-3058)

3034. the line of black raspberries along the perimeter of the field
3035. littles' delight at finding ripened berries to pluck

3036. how fragrant the air is on a summery day
3037. a new study: Beth Moore's study on David
3038. parking lot chats with a friend
3039. half birthday cupcakes
3040. lessons' end: piano and dance

3041. three deer eating dropped apples below the trees
3042. friends over for a swim day
3043. lettuce from the garden
3044. the friendly cashier at Wegman's
3045. country roads home

3046. Denise coming to the girls' dance recital
3047. and David too!
3048. plans for pink lemonade cupcakes and a bbq
3049. that we are here
3050. black-eyed Susans making their debut in the gardens

3051. Lanie and I lost in the same thought over lunch
3052. a special delivery to David's and the hug and kiss goodbye
3053. fajitas on the grill
3054. a visit with Dad, Lori and Linda
3055. birthday cake ice cream

3056. his love of Lily wine
3057. a table for four seated tightly for five
3058. His song, over me

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