Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tree of hearts

Joel told about this tree, how it flowered purple in the spring. He was here the day The Tree Expert came to check the health of nearby trees. He mentioned it had some splits, and would probably not last very long. He said it would fall on its own, and not hit the house.

It flowered purple in the spring, and I took pictures of it at Easter and thought of it as Joel's tree.

As it leafed for summer, the weight of its top put more stress on the fractures, and the tree started to lean hard. Deeper fractures formed.

Heavy rains last evening must have been more weight to bear. I woke this morning to this:

I showed the girls when they woke up, and Erin was sad. She noticed the trees leaves were shaped like hearts.

I took the kids to dance dress rehearsal, and Shane sent me the image of his handiwork.

I came home to make lunch and gather up a full handful of pods to plant. And took a picture of a heart for Erin.


Karen said...

I LOVE Shane's artwork!!!

Courtney said...

I will tell him! I'm glad he didn't try to fashion a bear.