Sunday, July 1, 2012


Storms passed through Friday night. We didn't lose any trees, but just lots of leaves and sticks to clean up. And we cut down the last of the pines by the pool Saturday morning. Very productive day outside, and the house stayed relatively cool inside with no power.

Lanie complained of not feeling well, and by mid-afternoon when the power was restored, she spiked a fever. Administered Tylenol, freezie pops (after they refroze), crackers and Gatorade. Cold cloth on her head. And a marathon line-up of "I Love Lucy."

It made me laugh how she likes "Little House on the Prairie" and "I Love Lucy", just like I did when I was her age. I remember my mom giving me cold cloths and freezie pops. But the best feeling was cold, clean sheets on the bed. I wonder what sweet memories Lanie will recall when she's grown up.


Kristina said...

Those kinds of storms are wonderful, until the cleanup the next morning. I hope Lanie is ok!! Lily likes Little House, too! :)

~ Kristina

Courtney said...

The storms were unexpected and wild, tons of heat lightning and then the winds picked up and rains pelted. We were very lucky to get power restored. I know of many who are still without. =(

I thought Lanie's fever broke yesterday, but late in the afternoon it returned. Staying home today just to see if she's over it.

Thanks for swinging by, Kristina!