Monday, July 2, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (3073-3095)

cold water for wash cloths on a fevered forehead
a generous invite from a friend for us to come over, even with a feverish kid
freezie pops

vintage t.v. that stirs childhood memories
cold water bottles and drinks at the grocery store
carry-out pizza
a full house
the splash, and splash, and splash of Friday

banana chocolate chip breads in the freezer
purple cone flower blooming in the garden
planning for summer guests: GOATS!
neighboring fireworks
a good study, in perfect timing

Christy to catch it all and understand
a day off
power restored
dessert gifted
in a pretty sunflowery dish for me to keep

floating on rafts with Linda, just us for a bit
study commentary via text with Amy
couch cuddles with my little girls
big, floppy sun hats
Linda's hug and smile goodbye

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