Saturday, July 21, 2012


Another Pinterest project: the chalkboard topped homework table. Perfect for working out math problems, diagramming sentences, practicing handwriting, and doodling.

Our kitchen table fit in our former kitchen, but it was too big here. Cindy was kind enough to let us have their kitchen table, and ours went into the schoolroom. But Shane hated how it looked there. When he threatened to get rid of it, I said, "I'm painting it."

And he agreed.

Today, as he left in the rain to get lumber to frame out the play set playground, I asked if he'd pick up some extra stir sticks from the paint department. I sanded the finish off our table.

Then I primed it.

It's still drying.

I'll paint it later: the top with chalkboard paint and the base with a color called Phantom.

Shane walks in from his trip to the hardware store.

"I didn't get the wood," he said. "I'll have to have it delivered. But I got you something."

"Stir sticks?" I asked.


"A dehumidifier?!"


"A dog or a baby?"


"Then what?" I wondered. What else have I asked for? Quite certain they don't have hand mixers at Lowe's.

"A new push mower."

And I laughed. He bought it for me! Our other one was well over 10 years old, and this place was its demise. Very literally, the past four times I've used it here, something has broken and fallen off. The rattling of it was so intense, it was like using a jack hammer! And this last time, cutting around the pool deck, something silvery fell off. I told Shane. When he picked it up, he told me it was an important piece. That mower was dead.

I love the couple we are becoming.

Glad that I was able to keep the table. I still remember when we bought it, when we were trying to fill the rooms of our other house. All the meals we ate around that table. The card games we played. Easter eggs dyed. Everything. Painting over it was bittersweet. I hated covering up the wood grain and character--water glass stains, wear marks from years of use. But it seemed fitting the table would be something different here: repurposed for something else than it had been.

Like all of us.

Erin barefoot, because "it's funner that way" in the rain. Swinging. At last.

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