Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bird song

There are a lot of sounds I'm getting used to in the woods: the Spring Peepers, locusts, crickets, crows, owls, hawks, and the persistent call of one other bird that sings louder than the rest.

This bird has taken up residence in the flower box outside the kitchen window. Sometimes when Lanie or I go out to water the flowers, either he or his mate come flying out and startle us (though now we anticipate it and take steps to avoid watering his nest).

In the morning, birdy perches upon the patio chair and sings. In the afternoon, you'll find it singing from a nearby tree branch or from atop a structure. Sometimes I think it's in the house because it's so loud. And this morning, as I prepared post and pack up a picnic lunch for today's most awesome excursion with the family, that bird is outside the dining room window singing its heart out at 6:17.

I hope I am remembered for my song.

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