Friday, August 3, 2012


It's been a meaningful few weeks. VBS for the girls a week ago took us down old roads, to an old church, with familiar faces--like an embrace. I sat in the pew and enjoyed the light through stained glass and felt the surge of emotion.

Though hoped-for friends couldn't join us that week, I felt God-thanks when after that first day, Erin and Lanie both declared new-found friends. Sat with Pete on a bench in the barn of the pick-your-own, a bag of peaches in hand and a cold black-cherry soda in a brown bottle. We chatted a good chunk of a morning away. (Thank you, Pete!)

The nearly-year ... and from time to time, I get lost in before and after. A note in my in-box tugs at my heart, and I write back happy. And I am.

I shopped today for tomorrow's cookout, and in the parking lot, an old friend drives up behind my car and calls out. We look at each other and smile, and I run to him and we hug. He was such a fixture of my former landscape. I think we both said it at the same time, "I thought I'd never see you again!"

The 66 Books cookout is tomorrow, and I think of the timing: I stepped first steps into this house the same day as a 66 Books cookout two years ago. I didn't know then the slate floors would one day be mine. But God did.

I think of friends who journeyed with me, who caught glimpses (and tears) of what we went through to get here. Friends who rejoiced when we rejoiced, and mourned when we mourned. We were looking for a change, for many reasons we've kept private, and we got it.

(Insert photo of Courtney in do-rag; snake-stompers; wearing 20+ -year-old ex-boyfriend grunge shirt that Shane wishes would finally fall apart; holding chainsaw, muck rake and chalkboard paint. Oh, wait, I don't have a picture like that: thankfully!)

Here we are now, nearly a year (on August 5), and this is home. A cookout with writers tomorrow, so fitting on the eve of an anniversary. Especially this one. 66 Books played a crucial role in my life. God walked every step of the way with me during this move. And he continues (by my side, as a guide, and finish line) as I run the race he marked out for me--and in that, there is peace.


6intow said...

Happy Anniversary. :) Love your heart of gratitude for the home God prepared for you.

Courtney said...

Thank you, Erin! Thank you!

Connie Lilly said...

Happy Anniversary - So happy you and your family has found your "peace". Love you all.

Courtney said...


Thanks, Connie!