Monday, August 13, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (3195-3221)

friends who live minutes away and drop plans to help

a neighbor's checking up
meditations on making days count
good talks with Lanie
cuddle love with Erin
my man

Christy watching my girls all day
carpooling with Reggie
Elliott from World Relief
conversations on grief
front row seats at the Summit

Pranitha Timothy
lunch guests at my table
southwest chicken soup
bags of ice to cool the fridge contents
neighbors to keep our foods cool

a next-day fridge delivery (totally unexpected, happily received)
excitement for a new school year
new friendships forming
30-day dedication prayer
God talks with Shane

hugs at church
Sunday swimming
emails with Cindy
a tractor ride in the field
skies signalling fall's approach

the pinkest sunset glimpse through trees

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