Friday, August 10, 2012

The new fridge

I never really liked the fridge here.

One day I had some ladies over and jokingly mentioned, "And if you want, say a prayer this thing goes up so I can get a new one."

No joke, a couple hours later, we come back inside and the fridge is moaning and groaning so loud there was no mistaking it was in death throes. I found myself pleading with God, "I was just kidding about it, Lord. I mean, a new fridge would be great, but not right now."

Turns out all it needed were several jabs with a butter knife to break up mounting ice chunks from a disconnected water line. Shane reconnected the water line. Whew!

So last night I do a big grocery run and, because I didn't feel like running a couple loaves of bread to the basement freezer, I stuck them in the kitchen freezer. Unbeknownst to me--yes, unbeknownst--the bread didn't allow the freezer door to shut completely. I went to bed. Shane woke do a dripping ice maker and water on the floor. When I came down, everything but rock-solid meat had defrosted. What was worse, the fridge side didn't feel so cool either. The fridge was dead.

We headed to Lowe's to shop (after running newly purchased milks, cheeses and meats to a neighbor's house). Erin cried in my arms because we wouldn't get an identical fridge (and because we'd spent the whole day apart and she was ten minutes from bedtime). She wanted one just like the one we had, the one where she had charted her growth with the cute little chicken magnet.

I sat and cuddled her and remembered how when I was little, I used to feel sad about replacing things. At five, she doesn't see the luxury of replacing a fridge that is old enough to start college in the fall.

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