Sunday, September 9, 2012

All packed up and ready to go

Tomorrow is our first day of school. We are part of a co-op in our new neck of the woods.

"I wish you were my teacher," Lanie said.

"I am your teacher. Just not there," I reminded.

Both kids are scrubbed up and readied for bed. I hope they sleep well. Lanie wanted a fancy hairdo for school, requesting lots of braids for wavy wonderful.

"I have a headband that looks like a belt buckle. It hurts when I wear it, but it looks good," she told me. She has her clothes all picked out.

Two backpacks and a mom tote are packed to go by the door.

Four lunch boxes are stacked on the counter to be topped off in the morning.

A banner waits to welcome my kids when they come down for breakfast. (I think I got the banner template from a link through A Holy Experience.)

Sweet dreams, all.

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