Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hand me down

I opened Erin's pajama drawer. Two miscellaneous summery shirts inside--and there was a chill in the air from afternoon opened windows.

I opened her closet to get the bin that held all of Lanie's hand-me-downs. I pulled out several pair of fall and winter-weather pajamas--adorned with images of gingerbread men, snowmen, and candy hearts. I read the labels: 6-7.

Erin was excited to wear something "new", and Lanie squealed, "Hey, I remember those!"

So did I. And it seemed like just yesterday Lanie wore them. I remember her in them, and the big girl she was. And now my little girl is in them.

I rolled the sleeves up one turn, and tried not to let it get to me, that the girl who still says "L" like "W" is growing up so fast before my eyes.

I hugged and kissed her goodnight.


6intow said...

Love/hate those moments when we realize they are getting all grown up. :*( Goes too fast, but each new season is a new adventure as well.

Snuggle your sweeties, Friend. :)


Courtney said...

Thanks, Erin. I will, I will!