Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lights, camera, action

So, I've been trying my hand behind the scenes at church.

I like stuff behind the scenes.

I've been working with the video team on Sundays. The first time, I was grateful the feed was down because I mistakenly would have taken a room full of worshipers on a roller coaster ride into someone's face as I attempted to focus, not realizing my camera was live.


Other times, I've been working on controlling tension in zooming in and out.

Today, I worked on Camera 1. Towards the end of the service, the director told me, at least what I thought I heard him say was, "Camera 1, go blind."

My mind raced at what that meant. Go blind. Go blind. Was this a fade-to-black kind of thing? Was my camera capable of that effect? I was stumped. Time ticked. Maybe they'd just move on to another camera.

Again, "Camera 1, go blind."

I spoke into the head set, "I don't know what that means."

"The window!"

Oh, the blinds!

I start to pan over.

"Go faster!"

I whip it in place.

"Stay there. Taking Camera 1."

After the service, and the people filing out, a man walked up to me smiling and commented on the blinds. I guessed that he was the director today, or maybe another camera operator. His big smile put me at ease, because I was sitting in my spot wondering if they'd let me come back for another go.

I smiled with him. "I thought you were telling me to go blind, and I had no idea what that was!"

I went to hand over my head set at the command center, apology ready on my lips. I'm glad these folks are so loving.

"Did you think it was a new technical term?"

Laughter, all of us, their words encouraging.

"I'm so thankful you keep letting me come back," I told them.

And I am.

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