Monday, September 3, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (3281-3309)

a family day away
(and a day off for Shane!)
Schoolhouse Rock in the car ride
caffeinated smiles
cloudless skies

funny videos I'll never publish
a family portrait on the flume ride
baby chicks
park lift ride next to Erin at five
hefty ice cream scoops

school room set ups
a hug from Jen
praying friends on Friday
accompanying a friend to court
shared prayers and protection

an afternoon with Kellie
concert tickets to worship
love notes from Anita
soft, swingy hair
and a visit with my stylist (I haven't seen in a year!)

Saturday night church
Sunday video cameras
opportunities to serve
the cries of baby birds
a third day off for Shane, oh holiday weekends!

gifted cookies from Jodie
66 Books
running into friends in the church lobby
becoming uninvisible

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