Monday, September 17, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (3333-3360)

good first days
expectations set free
a hand full of flowers

bluest skies
long sleeve shirts
fuzzy slippers gifted from a year ago
mums for sale
to give away

unobstructed views
how somebody loved Mr. Hatch and we all learned about the power of love (and words)
lessons around the table at Panera
a husband who loves mustard hearts (and me)
good messages at church on ordering our lives, numbering days

his yes to my question
an application completed and emailed off
the joy in waiting
frisbee in the field on a Sunday afternoon
black cherry soda on the farm

early birthday wishes from a sister in Christ
a call from a neighbor ... to chat
risking love--in the giveaway
inappropriate laughter in the car--long and loud

a packed house
holding hands with my daughter
and hearing her sing
Chipotle burrito bowls

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