Monday, September 24, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (3361-3381)

pumpkin cinnamon rolls shared with a friend
her hearty laugh
and teary tender eyes
lemon-fresh Lysol sent of clean floors
outside projects wrapping up for inside projects

summer covered up till next year
rains ushering in fall
the sound of geese
birds along electrical wires
a date with a rescue dog

good homeschool days
library trips
Penelope's gentle eyes
and how she wanted to get into the car with us
love you's and goodbyes till Thursday when we pick her up for good

pizza day at the co-op
Amy unexpected outside of church
dual birthday celebrations with Anita
encouragement from a sister by email
and coffee in thought over scripture (thank you, friend)

a neighbor dog's bark on a fall evening that brings smiles

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