Monday, September 10, 2012

Pocket full of posies

Great first day. Coffee made. Internet checked. Kids dress and packs readied. I could see Erin's nerves in a forced smile. But Lanie was ready. She told me she has always wanted to be in fourth grade, because all the characters in books she reads are in fourth grade.

It was my first day in kindergarten as the language arts and math maven. For weeks I've been reserving books for our fall studies in kindergarten, days mapped out with plans of all things good.

But good plans were halted over first-day restlessness. Kids used to running free, captive. So we broke early for cloudless skies and playground. In single file we walked outside, smiles broad and beaming. A fun break.

Afterwards we lined up to return to class. One girl handed me a flower. And before I knew, nature gifts filled my palm, flower after flower lovingly planted in my hands.

Good life.

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