Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The hot-air balloon

We used to live in a big, open field neighborhood. Very regularly, hot air balloons would drift overhead or, at least, nearby. I have lots of pictures of them. Even a video clip from the old back yard. It was one of several things I felt I'd miss about living there.

Friday night, I was fixing dinner and Lanie was outside on the swings. She comes running in, shouting for us to come out.
"A balloon! A balloon!" she yelled.

I figured it must have been far up and away, because we live in the woods, and we've never seen balloons travel this way. I went outside, not really expecting to be impressed at all.

"Look!" she yelled. I stepped out onto the driveway to fix my gaze far away, only to be shocked at the enormous balloon directly overhead.

"Shane! Hurry!" I called.

Then I laughed. I could see the faces of the passengers inside. We made eye contact and smiled and waved to each other. Shane snagged a picture with his phone, but it doesn't even give the true effect of how close it was to us.

Absolutely surprising.

God surprises me beyond my imagination. I thought I'd never see balloons like we used to, and he brings one right into my back yard. I'm so glad we didn't miss it. (Thanks, God!)

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