Sunday, October 14, 2012

Love never fails

Whenever Shane asked me what I wanted for Christmas or my birthday, I would often recite, "A baby, a dog, a dehumidifier."
A few weeks ago, after enough of playful hint dropping, I cornered Shane and asked point blank, "Can we get a dog?"

"I don't want to pick up poop in the yard," was his response.

With excitement, I filled out our application for a dog named Penelope.

We visited her at the rescue, and doubts started to hit me. She showed evidence of hard life. What would it be like having her here when the kids wanted a dog they could play with?

A friend at school rescued her dog ten years ago. She said to me, "You just love them. When does love fail?"

And while I knew enough cynics who could rattle off that love was not all-powerful, the Bible tells me: love never fails.

When I selected the dog tag for our Nella, I had it engraved upon the back--so that days when it seemed hard, I would look at it and her and remember:

Love never fails.

She is loved. And we are happy she's ours. She is putting on weight. Her coat is shinier. She wags all the time, my not-so-little shadow.

Thankful for a God who can make big promises. (And for sister friends who remind me of them.)

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