Monday, October 1, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (3382-3395)

A roller coaster week. Gained a dog. Lost five pounds over stress. Lost dog when she got spooked outside and wriggled out of a body harness in her frenzy.

There are other letdowns too. Those weigh even heavier. I spent some time Sunday counting those, and each one brought me lower, sadder, discouraged and alone.

I count the gifts, because I look for God and his good in my life.

3382. Karen who helped us welcome home Nella
3383. and supplied us with tips and accessories
3384. a gifted dog crate from a friend
3385. a waggy tail at the dinner table
3386. and my kids' laughter at the best dog ever
3387. birthday wishes in the mail, Facebook, phone and email
3388. kisses in the morning and happy wishes
3389. neighbors who are friends driving around helping us to look for Nella
3390. the foster mom who made flyers and walked to help us look for her
3391. a woods walk as a family
3392. Shane, Lanie and Erin
3393. dinner out with cupcakes to follow
3394. coffee at the table with dog lovers
3395. for my Father, God, who sings over me: you are everything good


6intow said...

Sorry your weekend included such discouragement. Praying for you friend, and for your dog's return as well. :( Praying, praying.


Courtney said...

Thanks, Erin! I got a call from an area farmer this morning that she was sunbathing in his field. She's home now, resting. And we are all relieved. As for my disappointments, they, well, thankful for reasons to be thankful because disappointments are likes rocks around the neck. You know? =)