Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (3421-3447)

sore legs
potato pickers
volunteers and generosity
pumpkin muffins paid forward
risking love

seat warmers in the car
mac and cheese made for Lanie by Linda
blueberry muffin mix
my man
barn cats
surprises for Lanie
braided hair at bedtime
hugs at 5:58 into her tenth year
remembering her in my arms for the first time
her best friend since kindergarten as a surprise on her day

shopping with Erin
a joyful little sister
decorating windows in love
pizza lunch together
surprise gifts at home (coffee! birthday! stickers! kindergarten!)

David and Anita: always! 
how they are there at all the highlights of my life
and that they treat me as a daughter bound by love
their sincere love and attention toward Nella
song around the table for Lanie

sweetest hugs and smiles at goodbyes
for Your song over me, all the days of my life

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