Monday, October 8, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (3396-3420)

Nella, our sweet hound
a kind neighbor farmer
gentle pets for a trembling dog
sleep recovery
dream barks
soft blankets for her to claim

a good vet check up
nothing broken!
rainy, rainy days
leaves falling
air that smells like snow

counting thanks in her heart
pumpkin muffins delivered
by a friend
"gentle and quiet" bible study
texts from a sister

a surprise birthday luncheon
fall decoration for a mantel
Anita's tears for Nella's return
homeschool days
service at church

opportunities for hospitality
neighbors who check in on us
wood to burn
slippers that make my feet feel like it's summer
You, God, in all the moments

gifted slippers from a daughter

wood stacked


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