Saturday, October 20, 2012

The caterpillar experiment

In afternoon kindergarten, the kids are doing a science experiment of watching caterpillars do their morph. I went to pick Erin up after school and looked at the 2-liter bottles turned habitats, each with the name of the caterpillar inside. I loved the originality:


"Which one is yours?" I asked Erin.

"Rose," she said.

Rose has stayed in Erin's room, not doing much of anything but being a caterpillar. Some kids' specimens have already moved into a chrysalis. Not ours.

Reading Red Cat, Blue Cat the other night, Erin tells me she wants to change her caterpillar's name.

"But you already named her Rose with a Sharpie," I said.

"Just get a sponge and clean it off," Erin instructed. "I want to name it Blue Cat."

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Courtney said...

Please note: the name is on the bottle, not the caterpillar. ;)