Saturday, October 6, 2012

Welcome fall

A very good friend has decorations for every occasion. She texted me she was putting up her fall decorations, and included a picture of some Halloween-style picture frames she got. I laughed, as she knew I would, because we hardly ever displayed pictures until this house, and I'm not sure I own fall decorations.

She remedied that for me the other day, gifting me a "welcome" sign in fall colors with springy little birds on top. I laughed, and loved it. It's on our fireplace mantel now.

Nella has returned home, our rescue dog. The kids adore her. She is my shadow in wherever I go. I haven't gotten any pictures of her yet aside from the ones from the rescue site.

Shane told me rain is coming along with a drop in temperature, followed by words like "hate" and "hate".

"I love fall," I said. I can already smell the woodsmoke from last year from the fireplaces, it welcomes me into rooms. "I love cozy on the couch and hot chocolate and fires."

I think of his computer desktop photo: the lone island empty and encompassed by brilliant blue on all sides, unblemished blue sky and palm trees. His dream place.

And I think of my dream place: crunchy leaves, cozy rooms, house full of my kids' sounds, my hunting dog trailing wherever I go, Farmer's Market candle tart scenting our rooms, that man of mine in yard attire and Saturday stubble on his chin, woods around us and woodland sounds serenading a different chorus in each season ... here.

I looked at Shane and my eyes danced and I beamed, "I love it here."

He knows.


6intow said...

Looks like God's got your decorating taken care of. :)

Courtney said...


Love that. Smiles.