Sunday, November 25, 2012

Four-day weekend

sweet potato casserole before the oven

because he likes to do this to me minutes before guests arrive

my dad

table setting for eight

ornament shopping, the yearly trek

the kids checking out the sock monkey ornaments
I didn't paint a single room after Thanksgiving. In fact, we didn't spend a cent on Black Friday. I don't even think we left the house unless it was to get wood off the stack for the fire. Today we went to get Christmas ornaments as we traditionally do on Thanksgiving weekend. We'll put our tree up next weekend. While out, we grabbed burrito bowls to go, and pizza for the kids. Followed by Wegman's bakery cookies, as big as your hand. Driving home, I mentioned it was November 25, and Shane said, "Did you say November 25? Do you remember what that is?"

Seventeen years since our first date.

Good life.

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