Monday, November 12, 2012

One thousand gifts and still counting (3511-3542)

I laugh because there are two seasons here: green and brown. Joyfully entering the brown season.

crunchy leaves
mild temperatures for a last hoorah in the yard
a season's end tractor ride to cut grass
the smell of onion grass under blade
tarps to haul leaves and spent summer foliage

snake-stomper boots
and a do-rag
impromptu visit from a friend bearing gifts
enough bread to make lunch for all of us
a last perfect bloom of a black-eyed Susan

a baby deer curled up
a dog that only barks in her sleep
how she jumps and prances and makes us dance too
and that I'm her person
a clean walkway

good perspective on future from a pastor friend
encouragement for future days
coffee and apple cake with neighbors
a visit around my kitchen table
the brown season

inside projects
my kids
my husband
my friends
my neighbors

play dates
tumbling reasons to give thanks
a heavy blanket on my bed
and on my kids' beds
this house

a sore body after a busy day
that You think enough of me to make a promise and keep it

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