Monday, January 7, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (3715-3771)

Driving home from the ice cream shop Saturday night, Shane and I talked about life before and after. And through it, words of work (and joy!), a thankfulness filled me to tears.

"I'm so grateful," I spoke into darkness.

for a year of transformation
tractor rides
field fragrance
mulch mountains
tarps for hauling

a do-rag
and leather garden gloves
bleeding hearts
pine trees and cones

achy legs
and stronger arms
opportunities for hospitality
grace and kindness

gifts for my children
and the splash of blue in summer
wild berries
little feet running bare
my children's freedom

a pool slide
and inner tubes
snakes in the gardens
and boots, my snake-stompers
Joel's visits

time with David and Anita
closeness with Linda
a new community
a play set up and scrubbed new
and the newness I feel within and around me

living with less
and yet having so much more (abundant life!)
this old house
and tea on the patio
song in the wilderness (peepers and owls, the hawks and mama birds)

for making our family stronger
through weakness
infusions of joy and perseverance
and purpose restored

woods walks
nighttime skies

learning a new language
for hatred that drove me closer to Your presence
and the joy and abundance of life in You
the sweetness at the bottom of a bitter cup

and how I've probably eaten less chocolate this year than in the last five
(but still thankful for chocolate too)
cookies to gift
and a table for twelve
for renovations (heart and home)

and Your goodness and love that last forever






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