Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chocolate heart cookies

Since Lanie was a little one, we've baked chocolate heart cookies for Valentines Day and delivered them to neighbors. We did it in the before, and we do it here in the after too.

It's our second Valentines Day here. Woke up early to write for 66 Books, then started on the dough for the cookies. Baked the morning away, packaged cookies, set off for deliveries with the girls before an afternoon of kinder friends over for sledding (we keep snow longer from the woods).

My kids felt excited to take gifts to neighbors, and house to house we went leaving red-and-white packages on doorsteps.

Driving home from the library yesterday, I noticed a red package at our front door.

"Lanie, go see what that is," I said.

She ran across the front yard to the door and picked up a heart-shaped box and red envelope. Her smile beamed bright across her face, and in that moment my heart felt swollen with gratitude.

I wondered of years past if the families we've given to ever felt that kind of happiness at being remembered. My girls have learned to find joy in the giving, but this year, we were all blessed in receiving.

(Thanks, God.)

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