Monday, February 18, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (3885-3909)

heart-shape cookie cutters
and chocolate cookies
packages to deliver
and happy hearts
a red package on our doorstep
chocolates, gifted

Erin gifting Shane the biggest box of chocolates she could find at the store
hearts scattered across the floors
friends over for sledding
new friendships
the difference here makes

a pup sleepover
good friends
school room flooring prep: subflooring down



Our house guest, Daisy

woods walking

snake stompers
white sangria with Linda on a Friday night dinner
the sound of a functioning nail gun

DIY projects, flooring by Shane
woods walking in snow
my ugly snake stompers
winter savory
a coffee invite 
school room/dance floor
new inscriptions
puppy love
this life

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