Wednesday, April 10, 2013


When we got her last fall, she was a bundle of nerves--frightened and skittish. I could hardly walk her outside without the snaps of sticks scaring her loose. And that first day I met her, how she hunkered and cowered--I cried all night to see this hollow shell of a creature. I wondered how we could take her--this was not the fun-loving family pet we wanted. And then I wondered how I couldn't--having seen her, how could I walk away?

I talked to Lanie about it.

"We don't know what this dog has been through, but she's afraid. It's going to take a lot of patience and love. Her fears run deep," I explained.

"It's ok, Mom. I understand her," Lanie replied.

And I knew this would be the dog for us. For Lanie.

Shane walks her in the woods, and one day from my bedroom window, I heard his laughter first, and saw his smile second as he came racing down the hill with the dog leading the way.

She smiles for us. She's learning tricks. She loves belly rubs. She comes to me when I enter the house. She prances at dinner time. She thumps her tail in her sleep, all happy. And she barks in her dreams as her paws twitch.

She dances at the mention of her walk. Or treats. And sometimes she dances for dinner too.

"To think this was inside her all along," I said to Shane. "She had this dance in her, just waiting to come out."

Yesterday's sunny warm day, and she was all smiles. We went for a long walk, and her tongue was hanging out. I snapped a few pictures when we got inside.

My sweet hound dog.

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