Monday, April 15, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (4061-4095)

an unexpected splash of purple blossoms along the bank
a warm day to walk with Julie and her kids
Julie's hugs and prayer
sisters by Spirit and not blood

Lindsay's perspective
little mason jars for pies
service opps
and Kellie's reframing of the word service
Your work in my life

flowers opened up
frog peeps in the woods
this place, here
school at the picnic table
tulip petals for art work

blue hydrangeas, gifted by Linda
and delivered by my dad
mulch to throw down on the gardens
and a pink hydrangea too
a do-rag

cold water
a functional wheelbarrow
a fence kit
and seeds for a garden
Linda at dinner

home, sweet home
Erin's giggles at bedtime
pretty dresses for the girls
a bag of herbs to plant
and a shared color with Linda--weimeraner

bleeding hearts in the garden
blossoms on the cherry tree
a ten percent discount
an opportunity to help a friend (pictures for Julie)
Monday walks

a heating wrap on my back

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