Monday, April 29, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (4126-4160)

sunshine on the first tractor ride of the season
the scent of apple blossoms
sore arms
and good sleep
comfy shirts

friends for the ride to the curriculum fair
Erin dancing through the garden
her little shovel scoops of mulch into the wheelbarrow
a clean fenceline
and calluses on Lanie's hands

coffee plans by text with a neighbor
that You are trustworthy and faithful
Your peace
wall maps for the school room
a giant pink moon on the drive home

and favorite friends to enjoy it with
a waggy dog when I walk through the door
full moon walks in the woods
the smell of onion grass, cut
a vanilla candle from a teacher

bay leaf from my own backyard
books in my hands
Nicole at the table
and her infectious laugh
bread in the oven

apple trees to trim
yard work with Shane
a long-arm chainsaw
a fabulous perspective on suffering (a hearty amen!)
Chipotle for dinner with Jackie

a princess party of little girls
how Erin was so excited
and a pearl necklace around her neck
the green season, can't say that enough
or the difference here makes

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