Monday, April 8, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (4029-4060)

the sound of an orchestra getting tuned

puppeteers dressed in black

Erin's laughter several seats away
a low grocery bill
a busy weekend
Tylenol for headaches
pine tree forts

spring green napkins picked out with Erin
and tulips: 2 bunches for $10
the little red pitcher
cinnamon chips for scones
a husband who gets donut holes early in the morning

and joins us all for breakfast
breakfast with friends
lunch with family
daffodils opening
peepers calling in the woods

Nella's dance, revealed
loud worship
Julie, a friend who stayed all day
a home to offer hospitality
big chunky letters that spell out HOME

Tracey on the phone
and on Skype
for my dad's hug
and seeing Tracey's face again after 18 years

that You were always with me
for Anita and David, who love me always
and Linda, who does too
buttercream frosting with lime
and a little star candle celebrating 77 years

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