Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rockin' it

So we celebrated 14 years married, and one day. Took the kids to Red Robin--fun for all. Shane and I both ordered Burnin' Love burgers.


The server was really great. He chatted up the kids, which is sometimes no easy task. At one point, he asked if we'd like dessert (yikes, no), and when Erin cheered, he looked at her plate and said, "You didn't finish your dinner yet. No dessert for you!"

Shane and I laughed.

"I hope you tip him well," I said. We had fabulous service.

After dinner, we get the kids ready to go, and I lean over the receipt and write, "You rock. Thank you!"

Shane was standing away from the table.

"What did you write on that?" he asked.

"I wrote, 'you rock' on the receipt," I said.

"You sound like such a mom," he laughed at me.

I laughed a little too, and then wondered if my lingo was so outdated. I thought I was being hip. How many people do I tell that they rock? All this time, showing my mom-ness. Or nerdiness.

"Hey," Shane paused, "He's going to think I wrote that!"

Ok, well that part was funny to me.


Ed @ Lexicolatry said...

Geeky, nerdy, adultescenty ... however it came across, you made someone's day when you wrote that : o )

Connie said...

Happy Anniversary - Belated. So happy for you four! Love and Kisses.

Courtney said...

Thanks for encouragement, Ed. Happy to have you in my spot of the net.

Thanks for the wishes, Connie. Shane told me you remembered. So thoughtful!